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welcome to inkedicons! this community is members only.
we're public again but it could change back to members only so please join if you like what you see! (:
please join to view the entries. [some will be open to members only - i.e. special requests or interest icons etc!]

however, all entries will be viewable to the public for one day.
before taking any icons or even joining this community, please ensure that you have read the rules!
inked icons is now public [but that could change in the future again! so please join if you like what you see (:

1) You must remember to credit me. e.g. as 'Reema' from Inked Icons or 'inkedicons' or 'sugarsnapsxx'
2) A linkback to Inked Icons would be much appreciated.
3) Please do not
4) Never steal anything I make. Do not claim them as your own.
5) Do not edit anything I make and claim it as your own.
6) Textless Icons are NOT bases. ask me if you wish to edit anything.
7) Please comment if you snag so that I know my work has been appreciated x].

how to credit

please ensure you have "inkedicons" in the comments to credit me! thank you <3
if you use these icons on livejournal then please credit with the "lj user" coding to "inkedicons" or "sugarsnapsxx". please ensure you have spelt both of these right =D
if you use these icons elsewhere, e.g. on an rpg forum or another forum, website etc then please credit me appropriately as 'inkedicons' or 'reema from inkedicons' or 'sugarsnapsxx @ inked icons' with a linkback to this community! thank you very much <3 also, i'd be REALLY grateful if you could comment saying you're going to use them elsewhere and leave a link (:

i'd really appreciate if you link back to this community! thank you so much =D

some examples of my work

if you like what you see, then please join this community to see other entries
and keep updated with new entries and works by me! thank you very much.

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