sugarsnapsxx (sugarsnapsxx) wrote in inkedicons,

quick and simple suggestions

So i'm just coming back, i need some ideas on what the people that still come here [albeit the few o.o] want to see (:
so hit me with what icons you want to see.

Type: Celebrities, Anime / Manga, Stocks, TV shows etc
Specific: Name it [aka, if you want a particular person [like urm... James McAvoy] /character [Neji from Naruto] /type of stock [Coffee or tea, etc] then name it here]

You don't have to use the form but just mention those kinds of things, you get it xD. Suggest away and I'll make the stuff that gets suggested the most [priority] and anything else that sounds like fun in your ideas! Thanks guys !

Also, go ahead and name a few things! You don't just have to do one suggestion =] just don't do like 100 o.O
oh i nearly forgot, if you want any particular images / photoshoots/ galleries [etc] iconed or made into a banner then please post those links up too! HQ links, if possible, please. i'll try and do those ^.^ so think of it kinda like a small requests sort of thing. [kinda]. just hit me with some pictures please! -hoping to find some muse from them-

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