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yay, inked icons is officially one year old! from today (:  however, since i haven't been here for around 6 months [an absurdly long hiatus!] and was around for 6 months before that. SO that's why it says '6 months in and 6 months out' on the graphic (:

thank you so much for being around, especially those that were here at the start of that year (: i love you all!
i didn't realise it was the 1year anniversary until a few days ago so i have some things planned for you but they don't be up for a while! i'll have them up for you on the 8th March [as, if you check the calender, this was the day that i made my first icon posts on this site! 4 of them in fact o.O].

SO in honour of the birthday for now, i want to open up a huge comment/spam party here (:
so go on ahead and SPAM your way through the comments (: i wanna try at least 450 comments in the community overall, if possible?
450 [we're not that far off!] cause it's inked's 1st birthday and i figured, let's start SMALL D: since i only came back from my hiatus around a week ago~
we can do450, right? D: -hopes so- T.T but yayayyay~ -turns email off- o.O -just in case- xD
SO SPAM AWAY! and look out for some of the new stuff that i'll be bringing to you shortly XD!
anyone can spam (: i'll even join you!

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