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[i heard about this from various sources, mainly sakusei .]

recently a graphics forum i was on got hacked and deleted, i thought it was just a one off thing. however, reading my friends pages, i noticed that communities on LJ have been targetted too and so i wanted to post this warning up for everyone (:

basically they hack into a moderator's account, post up a 'closing' post with links that are like keyloggers and delete everything from it. it's bad. do NOT click that link or links. it can compromise your account and your entire f-lists! a keylogger will log everything you type from that computer so ALL passwords, all personal information [including if you buy stuff online -etc]. SO BE REALLY CAREFUL. make sure you don't click those links!

mainly it's attacking the larger communities but i wanted everyone to be aware of this - if you have a large community or are on any then this especially concerns you. furthermore, there is no guarantee that they won't attack smaller communities or accounts so please be careful.

NOTE. I WON'T BE CLOSING INKED ICONS. [i just got it back, dude!]
so if you see a post that says it's closed, do NOT click any of the links on it and report it to LJ support.

( this entry explains how to protect your communities or accounts! )

be careful. (:

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