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i n k e d icons --}}

the perfect playby icon community for your rping pbs

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An icon community for roleplayers. Icons include those of celebrity playbys and stocks, mainly.
members bonus
sometimes members will get something special (: like interest icons or requests only for members so if you want this then please consider joining inkedicons, as well as watching it if you like my icons! thank you very much.
welcome to inked icons! an graphics community [mainly icons] run by me, sugarsnapsxx [otherwise known as reema!].
the main element of the icons posted here will be icons of celebrities or animanga. this was mainly created for celebrities to use as playbys but my interest of anime got the best of me so now it has both (: there will also be a variety of stock icons that can be used. upon request or just boredom, there will also be posts with films or tv shows. most of the graphics here will only be icons - if you wish to request any other type of graphic, please see contact me and i'll see if i'm up for anything else. ALSO, in the VERY near future, you will be able to find icon tutorials, profile banners and wallpapers! you could also try suggesting some of those to me and i might do it =D

right now, i'm the only iconmaker on this community. however, i might be willing to change that so if you wish to become a poster here too - please contact me [just send me a message or something!] with samples and i shall consider it! the more the merrier, no? =D

so please join, comment, credit and host any icons you take! have fun!

layout credit to ronie @ reversescollide
everything else by sugarsnapsxx @ inkedicons
1) please credit me when taking icons.
2) a link back to Inked Icons would be adored.
3) please do not hotlink - upload all graphics yourself.
4) please comment if you take anything.
5) never claim anything i make as your own.
6) do not alter anything - please ask if you wish to. textless icons are NOT bases. ask if you wish to use as anything as a base! i may let you. but ask first.
7) and have fun, gosh XD!


The A List
if you have any suggestions about what you want to see here on Inked Icons (for example, any particular celebrity icons you wish to have or any fandom you want to see more of) or perhaps, if you want to see something else then leave me a message!
i'll look and consider at all suggestions - cause i love them.

make your suggestions here CURRENTLY CLOSED! will open soon!

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